"You are not damaged. You are not worthless. You have value, promise and purpose."

-Evangelist Bri

If purity is a struggle for you and...Even if it isn't... then you need a PLAN. Evangelist Bri is happy to share the information God has imparted to her through His Spirit, her observations and general life experiences with your church, college group, conference or special event. 

The Mission

America infamously invests hundreds of millions of dollars into helping youth and young adults plan, avoid and often undo parenthood but few are willing to make comparable investments into helping them attain PURITY. Planned Purity, LLC endeavors to fill that void with the empowerment of Truth, love and Faith.

Planned Purity, LLC is the vehicle through which Evangelist Bri’s mentorship services are made available to the public at large. A trained attorney, seasoned counselor, ordained Evangelist and commissioned missionary, Brittany has been blessed to share core purity principles and values both domestically and internationally. Hundreds if not thousands of women, young adults and children have been empowered by her mentorship and message. Many have decided to aggressively pursue purity, as a result.

Evangelist Bri is a Millennial with a passion to reach others who are also targeted by the rage, perversion and aimlessness pervading this age. Bri candidly explains what she has learned, “If purity is a struggle for you (and even if it isn’t), then you need a PLAN.” Her catalog of Faith-based purity messages contain Truth that, in addition to working in her own heart, continues to set captives free!

Email: PlannedPurity@gmail.com for more information about booking Evangelist Bri to share with your organization, youth group, campus ministry, corporation or even to secure one-on-one mentorship services. 

Purity will not become a reality until it becomes a priority. Act today!