Brittany Is Chosen Ministries, Int'l

2017-2018 Mission Statement

Luke 14:27-28 discusses the sensibility of counting the cost of an undertaking before its commencement. I have done that and, no matter what I dislike or don’t completely understand… my overall conclusion is the same. Jesus is Worthy. God is Worthy and my life is worthless to the extent it undermines this fact.  So, I have said YES. It’s a weak yes. It’s a hard yes. But, it is a yes nonetheless. I have said yes to the things that, in my heart I truly believe are necessary.

Prayer is necessary: For myself, others, the house of the Lord, Israel, the nations, leaders… Prayer is necessary. The church is under constant accusation from the enemy and growing attack by his allies and Prayer must be intensified within the body of Christ. The American church lacks clarity, precision, fervor and favor. We MUST pray. I believe that God is calling leaders who name His name to pray. It is not optional. It is essential and should be intensified by any means necessary. I know that I am called to serve the church, to intercede for her and work to build her up and I solicit your prayers as I do so.

In leading The WAR [Worship Anointing & Revival] Movement, Planned Purity, groups within my local church and any other ministries to which I have placed my hand– I have intentionally cultivated atmospheres of prayer and fasting at the unction of the Holy Spirit and I am glad about that. As a result, we have experienced measures of conversion, deliverance, manifestations of the

Holy Spirit and overall Christ-centered transformation that is amazing! But, we need more and in order to obtain that, we will have to pray and not faint.

Preaching is necessary: I have been marked to operate in a preaching and prophetic anointing that will impact my community, my country and the nations. My generation, as wicked and perverse as it may be has a call and I believe that part of my ministry purpose is to raise up a generation of WARriors from what others consider to be a heap of dry bones. The Spirit of God has marked me to preach the Gospel in Word and in song and I will. When I spoke in Sydney and Brisbane, both ministries asked me if I would be willing to return. I said yes. Another ministry has asked me to come to the Middle East. I said yes. Africa? Yes. Asia? Yes. Europe? Yes. The call to preach comes with a call to GO and, by the grace of God, I am going where He sends me and I am setting Holy Ghost fires as God’s sword covers me and I am strengthened by His right hand.

Progress is necessary: It is time for the Joshuas to grow. A month or so ago, I attended a meeting hosted by a powerful church in a neighboring city that is pastored by my friend’s father. I showed up with this BURNING in me to be of help to that ministry. I did not know how I could, but I was searching it out and soon it became obvious that their meeting was so well attended that they ran out of chairs… That was it! I asked the Pastor if I could bring chairs for the meeting’s continuation the following night. With thanks, he said, “Sure!” and I immediately called my Dad and asked if I could grab some of the chairs from our church’s storage and deliver them to the ministry. “Bishop Dad” was happy to allow this and early the next day, the “work” began. I assumed that I’d be able to quickly gather help. A couple of people offered, but we had scheduling conflicts. So, it became clear to me that this would be a one woman operation. So, I (kind of) cleared out my car, grabbed some work clothes and began packing my tiny, overheated Ford Focus with dozens of chairs.

I could only carry so many at a time and it was pretty warm outside. As I worked up a sweat and began to tire. I reflected, “This is what young leaders should be doing… Helping our fathers! Lifting their arms!” I thought back to how graciously their church hosted my preaching ministry the year prior, the offering with which they blessed me, the bright lights on their stage, the coveted podium which had been graced by Ravenhill and Hogan and… me?!? I continued, “This is what my generation should be doing! Millennials are often brats!

Many walk into churches with an air of entitlement to be seen and heard while failing to serve! I typically carry the conviction that is MUCH more appropriate for me to haul chairs into buildings than it is for me to preach on their platforms built by the blood, sweat and tears of Apostolic fathers who have tended to this work longer than I have been alive!  

The reality is that there is room for all of us who are called to lead. There is room for the fathers AND the sons. But, something is off. Our fathers are tired (prematurely) and we are not lifting enough of their load. It may be because of the issue that many of our “elders” have with actually passing the torches they carry in a timely manner, but there is also possibility that this is due to our lack of discipline, humility, doctrine, and servanthood. I want to help these fathers advance their visions. I want to grow enough that I can run when they are weary, walk when they are faint and do it in a manner that maintains the integrity of the foundations they have built while also making the necessary structural alterations to support growth.

That is not the full extent of the church’s need for progress. Over the past year, God has reaffirmed the call on my life to facilitate reconciliation between various cultures, age groups, and other polarities within society. I am called to be a part of discussions about integration and leadership empowerment of racial minorities. The church will not reach her potential for experiencing God’s glory without pursuing her potential to walk in God’s oneness and the church is just not there yet.

Within the context of the exceptionally volatile black-white dynamic between people in this nation, the time IS coming when church leaders will realize their need to search out the place of the Gospel in the way they interact with; equip, honor, lead and follow people other races and cultural backgrounds. I believe that the church must reconcile these issues (of racial integration) in order to minister with optimal effectiveness and credibility.

I have a particularly strong vision for being involved in the reconciliation within churches and Faith-based groups (such as those in Kentucky) between white and black leaders in a manner that is cognizant of history while anchored in the Word of God. Some doors have already opened for me to engage this area and I ask that you join me in praying for more. I am readying myself for this encounter and I aim to convey truth within the context of trust and forgiveness; proving that it is not too late for our churches to look like Heaven.  

Purity is necessary: If purity were just about sex, it would be much more widely attained. God has given me revelation about ways to effectively equip His church to walk in Biblical purity, with a heightened focus on women and I am preparing to cast the net of Planned Purity, LLC into waters previously unexperienced. Women have experienced Planned Purity, hearing the message, attending Mentorship Summits I have hosted in Australia, Africa and throughout North America. Women from all over the country have reached out to host Planned Purity and I am saying yes. In this area, I solicit prayer. This fight is personal.  I am fixing my heart to continue contending for my purity and that of my generation. Purity is not passive and God is blessing us to pursue purity with intentionality, accountability and consistency.

Recently, I have been reviewing the book of John and, a week or so ago, I read the following verse:

"When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished:

 and He bowed His head, and gave up the ghost."  - John 19:30

In reading this scripture (and remembering several others),

my heart was arrested by the fact that the life of Jesus was not taken as much as it was given.

The isolated moments in my past wherein I longed for a mentor were probably more about my fatigue and my desire for a crutch than a legitimate need for more flesh and blood leadership. As a mentor myself, I try to shun co-dependence, pointing those with whom I work solely to Christ. Reading that verse reminded me to point myself to the example of Christ. I have the best role-model conceivable and an ongoing invitation to mark His perfection; His love, His meekness, His humility and His suffering are all things I am invited to embrace.

When God says things I do not want to hear, I often find myself praying for “clarity”, lol. Sound familiar? But, God has spoken. Through His Word, His Spirit, others and even myself. He is not going to coerce me into some rigorous call, but He has invited me to walk in this path of deepened surrender, availability for His work and service to His body as a missionary in the imminent season and I have said yes. God is not TAKING my life from me, but I am choosing to accept His invitation to GIVE it. I want to make myself available to help meet the needs of His house. 


The story of Nehemiah is spot on in terms of my leadership approach. I have been “released” from my current obligations in good standing to pursue this task and resume former work upon its completion. In further “launching” this mission, I must gather resources and then set out on a journey to reclaim God’s land, rebuilding the walls that have been destroyed by generations of compromise and lukewarm passivity, with a weapon in one hand and tools in the other… Not coming down until the work is finished and leading those who join me into efforts of reconciliation and consecration, repentance and realignment. It is time.

I have been bi-vocational for the majority of my life. I have no opposition to “tent making” while I minister, but this is a time wherein I must give this kingdom-work my undivided attention.

My mission is simple.

As an overflow from my life’s endeavor to love God

with all of my heart, soul, strength, and mind and to love others well,

I am lending myself completely in the imminent season to serve without distraction.

I am going to do what is necessary; using all of my gifts:

prophetic singing, preaching, mentoring, community organizing, leadership,

and other ministerial seats of God’s anointing on my life to build His house and edify His bride through Prayer, Preaching, Progress and Purity.

I have detailed ministry objectives towards this mission and have already taken many foundational steps to ensure its success (ie accepting ministry assignments, establishing relevant partnerships, undertaking necessary projects, etc.). However, discretion is something I must uphold at this time in order to act as safely and prudently as possible. For additional information, please contact me directly through the "Connect With Brittany" link below.