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Every Friday at 6:00pm EST


Please tune in to "The Chosen Chronicles" each Friday at 6:00pm EST.

Hosted by "Brittany Is Chosen", this show explores the intersection of life as an emerging Christian Millennial who is navigating the demands of ministry, professional development and enterprise. Pertinent topics will be explored during each broadcast.

Lexington, KY residents may listen live on 93.9FM WLXU (Lexington Community Radio).

Others may stream the show live here: http://lexingtoncommunityradio.org/wlxu-popup/





"...My mission is simple. As an overflow from my life’s endeavor to love God with all of my heart, soul, strength, and mind and to love others well, I am lending myself completely in the imminent season to serve without distraction. I am going to do what is necessary; using all of my gifts: prophetic singing, preaching, mentoring, community organizing, leadership, and other ministerial seats of God’s anointing on my life to build His house and edify His bride through Prayer, Preaching, Progress and Purity..."

THE WAR [Worship Anointing & Revival] MOVEMENT

At face value, the term “W.A.R.” seems intimidating and aggressive, but within the context of spiritual warfare, it soon becomes exciting to know that our Eternal Savior Jesus Christ ensured our VICTORY in the WAR of spirit and flesh, curse and conviction, forgiveness and vengeance, righteousness and wickedness at CALVARY. Battles occur daily and, whether we choose to engage or not, we are either gaining or losing ground every second… W.A.R. is an attempt to change the lukewarm temperature of the modern day church with an infusion of fiery worship, the hot oil of God’s anointing and branding revival.


The truth of the matter is that purity will never become a reality until it becomes a priority. If purity is a struggle for you and...Even if it isn't... then you need a PLAN. Evangelist Bri is happy to share the information God has imparted to her through His Spirit, her observations and general life experiences with your church, college group, conference or special event. Evangelist Bri is a Millennial with a passion to reach others who are also targeted by the rage, perversion and aimlessness pervading this age... Her catalog of Faith-based purity messages contain Truth that, in addition to working in her own heart, continues to set captives free!

Many are called, but few are chosen. Evangelist Bri is among the chosen few.

Dawning her eleventh year of ministry, Bri is determined to live so righteously apprehended by the Gospel of Jesus Christ that those around her cannot help but to have a radical and life changing encounter with God. Baptized at the age of nine and Holy Ghost filled at the age of ten, God began using her in Word ministry as a teenager. She graduated from Dunbar High School in 2005 with the highest honors in the state of Kentucky and was recruited by Ivy League universities throughout our nation. However, Bri resolved to remain in Kentucky because of the ministerial call on her life for the region, a region that is now proven to be the seat of WARfare and prophetic promise of national consequence.

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